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The rare and protected white-clawed crayfish still occurs in a few waterbodies in Wales and elsewhere

White Clawed Crayfish

DCE Ltd has a licence to survey and handle the protected white-clawed (or ‘Atlantic stream’) crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes).

This rare and legally protected species still occurs in a few selected sites in Wales and elsewhere, although it has long been displaced from many of its former habitats by escaped and introduced alien species such as the American Signal Crayfish, which carries and transmits the ‘crayfish plague’ virus which is lethal to our only native crayfish.

We are fully equipped and trained to carry out surveys for the native species, including all of the necessary biosecurity measures.

If the possibility of this species has been raised on your site, we can carry out the necessary presence/absence surveys, determine which species, if any, are present and what the implications are for your development.

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