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Watervole Survey

The amended Wildlife & Countryside Act affords protection to water voles and any places which they use for shelter and protection

Watervole Survey

Watervole is a small herbivorous rodent found principally on unpolluted, slow-running rivers with plentiful emergent vegetation.

Populations of this delightful species are believed to have declined nationally by some 90% in the last thirty years.  Loss of habitat, pollution and predation by feral mink are all considered to have been important factors in this decline.  The amended Wildlife & Countryside Act affords protection to individual water voles and any places which are used for shelter and protection.  Development works affecting watercourses, lakes and ponds etc may risk encountering or harming this rare and declining species.

Our team have many years’ experience of water vole survey work, as well as in the design and implementation of mitigation and conservation measures.

Click here to download optimal survey and mitigation timetable

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