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Site Managment for Wildlife

Many planning consents require the preparation of a 'Wildlife Protection Plan' (WPP) and/or a 'Biodiversity Management Plan' (BMP)

Site Management for Wildlife

Often a planning consent will require the preparation of a ‘Wildlife Protection Plan’ (WPP) to safeguard habitat and species interests during the site clearance or construction stages, and/or a ‘Biodiversity Management Plan’ (BMP) to protect, enhance or maintain any ecological interests on the site in the longer term once the development has been completed.

These kinds of plans may be a condition of a planning consent, or may be necessary in order to obtain BREEAM or CSH ecology credits.  We have drawn up dozens of WPPs and BMPs, and we know what works and what doesn’t.

If you need a site management plan, we will apply the latest guidance and research information and will ensure that it is fully compliant both with the requirements of your consent and with the relevant planning policy, legislation and published professional guidance.

We can also draw up more complex and detailed long-term management plans for nature reserves and other protected areas, giving detailed advice on measures to conserve and enhance key habitats and species. We can advise on appropriate management approaches and techniques, and help in identifying suitable management contractors and suppliers etc.

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