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Otter Survey

Our team has many years’ experience of otter work, as well as in applying for licences and implementing mitigation measures, including artificial otter holts

Otter Survey

The otter is a medium-sized semi-aquatic mammal which is associated chiefly with unpolluted and relatively undisturbed rivers and other wetland habitats.

It is fully protected under both UK and European legislation, and this extends to any places which are used for shelter and breeding.

During the last two decades otters have begun to re-colonise many river systems in South Wales where they previously occurred, but were lost from in the 1960s and ’70s.  Otter is now once again well-established in South Wales and is continuing to expand its range in the region.  Developments which might affect this species will require detailed investigation and the presentation of appropriate mitigation strategies before a planning application can be determined.

Our team have many years’ experience of otter survey work, as well as in applying for derogation licences and the implementation of mitigation measures, including artificial otter holt construction and otter passes under bridges and roads etc.

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