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Mitigation Strategies

We are experts at designing ecological mitigation strategies and ensuring that these are fully compliant with any legal, planning or policy constraints

Mitigation Strategies

If your site supports habitats or species which are of special interest, or protected species which require the issue of a licence, in all probability you will be expected to provide a mitigation strategy which is acceptable to the local planning authority and/or the statutory bodies such as NRW, the Environment Agency or the Welsh Government before any kind of development can proceed.

This could vary from the installation of a few bird or bat boxes, to the creation or replacement of habitats through to complex long-term schemes of habitat management extending into the future, depending on the importance of the biodiversity interest of the site.

We are experts at designing ecological mitigation strategies, and will make sure that these are both fully compliant with any legal, planning or policy constraints whilst at the same time seeking to minimise the expense and inconvenience caused to the developer.

We have many years’ experience in dealing with such matters and have excellent working relationships, often based on years of personal contact, with the great majority of the key personnel in the planning authorities and statutory bodies in the region.  We specialise in seeking novel and innovative solutions to complex problems, based on a practical and problem-solving approach.

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