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Habitat Surveys

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Habitat Surveys

Extended Phase 1 Habitat surveys give you a clear idea of what is or may be present on your site, and these are based on Phase 1 vegetation survey technique which was first developed by the former Nature Conservancy Council in the 1980s.  Since then, a range of more sophisticated methods have emerged for the survey of botanical habitats.

Extended Phase 1 survey is usually the minimum baseline survey which a local planning authority will require for a planning application. This type of survey will tell you what the potential constraints and opportunities are, and what other survey work you might need to commission in order to get your development through the planning system.

This type of survey is often less costly than specialised surveys for an individual species so they offer a good return for your money – letting you plan for the long-term and avoid sudden surprises!

We are also capable of carrying out a wide range of other surveys, however, including Phase 2 National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveys, River Corridor and River Habitat surveys, hedgerow surveys and many more.

For information on National Vegetation Classification surveys please follow this link

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