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Extended Phase 1 Survey

This type of survey offers a good return for your money – letting you plan for the long-term and avoid sudden surprises!

Extended Phase 1 Survey

Extended Phase 1 surveys give you an idea of what might be on your site

They tell you what the potential constraints and opportunities are, and what other survey work you might need to commission in order to get your development through the planning system.

This type of survey is often less costly than specialised surveys for an individual species so they offer a good return for your money – letting you plan for the long-term and avoid sudden surprises!

Our surveyors will identify the habitat types and plants on your site and assess whether there is potential for protected or priority species such as bats, great crested newts or badgers. We’ll also record any field signs of protected or invasive species and complete a search with the local records centre to see if any have been recorded either on the site or nearby.

Our report will assess the ecological value of the site and consider the impacts of your proposed development project. Based on this analysis we can then provide you with dedicated advice and recommendations.

Extended Phase 1 surveys (also known as ‘Preliminary Ecological Surveys’) can be carried out throughout much of the year, and they are the usual ‘baseline’ survey which is required for most planning purposes.  The results can also be used to inform a BREEAM or CSH assessment.



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