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Environmental Impact Assessments

We have the skills to design mitigation for ecological impacts, and make sure this dovetails with the constraints of other interests such as landscape and visual amenity, community use etc

Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) are a statutorily-defined process for the consideration, assessment and mitigation of a wide range of potential environmental impacts arising from certain types of large development.

Usually an EIA will be carried out in defined stages over many months, sometimes years, culminating in the production of an Environmental Statement (ES) which sets out all of the relevant information in a publicly-available document.  DCE Ltd staff have extensive experience of EIAs, with David Clements having personally contributed to some of the first such investigations to be carried out in the UK in the 1980s following the introduction of the EC Directive on Environmental Assessment in 1985.  The firm has since contibuted to over 30 published ES documents in the period since.

We can provide all of the necessary scoping and survey expertise with respect to biodiversity issues, and can carry out assessments in accordance with published guidelines from the Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management (IEEM) and others.

We have the skills necessary to design appropriate mitigation and to make sure that this dovetails with the constraints and requirement of other evaluated interests such as landscape and visual amenity, community use, noise and pollution etc.

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