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Dormouse presence can often be identified from discarded hazelnut shells showing characteristic signs of gnawing

Dormouse Survey

Dormice are mainly ancient woodland specialists, typically preferring mature deciduous woodland with a wide variety of tree and shrub species.  In recent years they have become much rarer due to the fragmentation and degradation of their habitats, and now they are fully protected by law.

Dormice also occur in other habitats including mature hedgerows, reedbeds, heathland and scrub habitats, a situation which appears to occur with some frequency in parts of South Wales.  Dormouse is fully protected under both UK and European law, and this protection extends both to the animals themselves and the habitats which support them.

Dormouse presence can best be identified from the finding of discarded hazelnut shells showing characteristic signs of gnawing. In areas where there is a lack of fruiting hazel other survey techniques involving dormouse nest boxes or artificial nest tubes are employed.

Our licensed ecologists are able to undertake all aspects of dormouse work, including surveys and the design and implementation of mitigation strategies. We have long experience of liaising with the statutory authorities and in the seeking of derogation licences etc.

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