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Bird Survey

Nearly all birds are protected against killing, injury or capture, and this protection extends to their nests, eggs and chicks
Photo By Barry Stewart

Bird Survey

All naturally occurring bird species in Britain are afforded some degree of protection under the amended Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, with the exception of a handful of pest and game species which may be captured or killed under certain specified and licensed conditions

All birds are otherwise fully protected against killing, injury or capture and this protection extends to their nests, eggs and chicks. There are some exceptions but these relate chiefly to unavoidable andor unpredictable impacts which arise as an unforeseen consequence of some other lawful activity.  However, the deliberate or reckless destruction or disturbance of nesting birds is otherwise an offence, and this would include the clearance of habitats which are being used by nesting birds even where this is the subject of a current planning consent.  Some birds, such as barn owl or kingfisher for example, are subject to enhanced protection against disturbance whilst nesting.

Our team includes experienced ornithologists who regularly undertake wintering and breeding birds surveys, Common Bird Census surveys and specialised rare species studies. We have long experience in dealing with the statutory authorities on bird issues, and in the design and implementation of mitigation strategies for planning and development.

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