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Barn owl box in barn

Barn owl is a rare and protected species which still occurs in some old farm buildings, and which can pose a problem for redevelopment

Barn Owl

Barn owl is a Schedule 1 protected species which has declined very much in recent years.  Not only are the birds, their nests, eggs and young, protected but it is also illegal to cause disturbance to the nesting birds without a licence.

DCE Ltd has licensed personnel who are able to survey and handle this species, with many years experience in detecting the signs which indicate the presence and status of barn owls on a site.  Once we know this species is present, we can help you to design and plan your development so as to ensure that the legal requirements regarding disturbance are met.  We can also design any necessary mitigation measures, including new or replacement nesting sites.  You may even want to encourage this lovely bird on your land, and we can help with that too.

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