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David Clements Ecology Ltd offers a wide range of services to developers and other clients.

A new development will often have an impact upon habitats or protected species.  The local planning authority will usually ask for ecological surveys to be carried out to identify and evaluate the interests which may be affected.  Some of these surveys may involve sophisticated and specialist survey techniques.  Our company can carry out such surveys and investigations on your behalf and, if necessary, liaise with the local authority’s ecology team, in order to advise you of the best way forward.

Many projects require the implementation of mitigation measures for the development to proceed.  This may involve, for example, the creation of new or replacement habitats, the advance clearance of protected species such as reptiles or great crested newt, the translocation of habitats or species, or the use of specialised working methods.  DCE Ltd can conduct the necessary surveys, design the mitigation, implement the measures and monitor the results.

If protected species licences are required, we can obtain them for you. We can also provide an Ecological Clerk of Works, if required, who will ensure that the development proceeds in accordance with local planning requirements, and also with the relevant national and European legislation.  Projects may involve, for example:

  • Reptile surveys
  • The erection of reptile exclusion fencing
  • Supervision during site clearance or development
  • Bat surveys prior to development or demolition
  • Inspection of properties during development
  • Badger or otter fencing for exclusion
  • Nesting bird surveys prior to site clearance
  • Installation of pit-fall traps and drift fencing
  • Plant translocation
  • Invertebrate capture and translocation
  • Invasive species surveys
  • Assessments of trees for use by bats
  • Liaison with the statutory bodies
  • BREEAM or CSH assessments for ecology

…and many other inputs.

We can provide a complete service, backed by the latest research and in accordance with all of the current policy, legislation and professional guidance.

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