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Otter mitigation and habitat management, Bridgend

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DCE Ltd carried out a detailed survey of the flora and fauna of a large greenfield site near Bridgend in Glamorgan as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment for a major business park development. DCE Ltd was later commissioned to produce a management plan for large areas of retained wood pasture and flood-plain habitats within the site. In addition to retaining the habitats of greatest interest, DCE Ltd designed new ecological features including new ponds and wetlands, reedbeds, wader scrapes and new semi-natural woodlands and grasslands, all utilising native species which are indigenous to the locality. Land in the floodplain which was previously in arable or intensive pasture use was converted to species-rich marshy grassland, and the management of the whole of the site outside of the development plots is geared towards maintaining and increasing site biodiversity. Within the development plots themselves, features such as the surface water attenuation lagoons were also designed and managed to maximise their ecological value. A comprehensive landscape and ecological management strategy was formulated in collaboration with White Young Green Ltd to ensure continued the maintenance of valuable habitats and their enhancement for a wide range of flora and fauna species. The project also included hedgerow translocations and the design and construction of an artificial otter holt.

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