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Great crested newt mitigation, Vale of Glamorgan

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  • Great-crested-newt-mitigation-Vale-of Glamorgan


This project was in connection with the proposed redevelopment of land in and around a large airfield. Great crested newt (GCN) occurs widely in the area. DCE Ltd surveyed over 90 waterbodies in and around the site for GCN, and some ponds were surveyed annually since 2002.  As a result of the proposed development some known GCN ponds were lost, and large areas of the site which are presently under grassland or other semi-natural habitats will be developed.  DCE Ltd designed a mitigation strategy for the site as part of a wider EIA, with the rationale being to remove and exclude GCN as far as possible from the active site and to relocate them to new habitats created and managed specifically for use by this species in the immediately surrounding area, on land which is either owned or controlled by the developers.  Over 30 new breeding ponds will eventually be created, standing within a corridor of managed terrestrial habitats suited to summer and winter use by GCN.

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